Selling Your Property

So, you might be thinking of selling... and you want to know what your home might be worth? But price is only one factor in selling a home! The home selling process has become extremely complicated. A typical sales contract today will have a minimum of 25 pages! Many of these pages are the MANDATORY DISCLOSURES as required by Maryland law. A great sales contract can be voided if only ONE document is missing... maybe costing a Seller thousands of dollars and altering their moving plans! That is why it is so critical for a Home Seller to hire a professional, experienced real estate agent. Listing a house for sale is one thing... bringing the sale a a successful settlement is quite another story!

Here are some other major points a Seller must consider:

    Basing their asking price on needs or emotions rather than market value. Many times, people make their decisions based on how much they paid for or invested into their home. This can be an expensive mistake. Overpriced homes take longer to sell and eventually net the Seller less money. By consulting with a real estate professional you can price you home correctly from the beginning.

    Failing to “Stage” their home. First impressions are lasting! Studies show that for every $100 in repairs that your home needs, a Buyer will discount their offer by up to $500-$1000! Thoroughly clean and prepare you home before you put it on the market if you want top dollar

    Signing a listing contract with no way out. Most real estate agents will want you to sign a listing contract with no way out. When you list your home with me, you can cancel your listing agreement with me at any time, with absolutely no questions asked.

    Choosing the wrong agent or choosing them for the wrong reasons. Many homeowners list their home with the agent who tells them the highest price. Or they list with a friend or relative. You need to choose the agent with the best track record, best marketing agent with whom you feel comfortable and confident. Remember this can be a stressful time in your life!

    Not knowing all of their legal rights or obligations. Real estate law is complex. The contract you sign when selling your home is legally binding. Small items that are neglected in a contract can wind up costing you thousands of dollars. You need to consult a knowledgeable, professional who understands the ins and outs of a real estate transaction.

 There’s just so much more we could share with you about selling your home - just give us a call or email us. After all, we have sold hundreds of homes these past 15 years. We can provide you with names of satisfied Sellers who would be happy to talk to you too!


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