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Hopefully, you have had some fun looking at homes on our “Available Homes” button. But in reality..there’s just so much more about buying a home today. If you haven’t already discovered, it can be a roller coaster of emotions! That is why it is so critical to have a real estate agent looking out for YOUR BEST INTERESTS, PROTECTING YOU and REPRESENTING YOU!  We have ABR Designation (Accredited Buyer Representation) which means we are certified to represent YOU, THE BUYER. Not all agents have earned this designation; be sure the agent you select to work with does have the ABR Designation!

Today, Buyers realize that real estate agents possess considerable knowledge that could assist them in the home purchase process. Consequently, Buyers want the same representation that Sellers receive. When an agent represents a Buyer, the agent owes all duties to the Buyer, not the Seller. The Buyer is free to discuss the value of properties, personal finances and negotiating strategies with the agent. In addition, a Buyer’s Agent gives opinions concerning the condition of the property, the effect of improvements, and a variety of information which a Seller’s Agent cannot provide.

A Buyer’s Agent makes every reasonable effort to locate the property described by the Buyer, including searching for homes that may be available for sale although they are not listed with a real estate company. In this complicated, fast-moving real estate market, it is essential for a Buyer to have an advocate who can negotiate for them, help them make decisions and advise them throughout the entire home buying process.

Remember, we are always available to answer your questions, and we look forward to HELPING YOU locate and move into YOUR DREAM HOME!

PS. We have lots of hints to help you buy a great house, & lists of satisfied buyers available upon request. Give us a call (410-263-8686) or send an email.

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