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Annapolis Luxury Properties Agent PlanThe Home Selling Process

So, you might be thinking of selling… and you want to know what your home might be worth? Annapolis Luxury Properties offers the bust guidance for sellers.

Price is only one factor in selling a home. The home selling process has become extremely complicated. A typical sales contract today will have a minimum of 40 pages. Many of these pages are the mandatory disclosures as required by Maryland law. A great sales contract can be voided even if only one document is missing, possibly costing a Seller thousands of dollars and altering their moving plans.

That is why it is so critical for a Home Seller to hire a professional, experienced real estate agent. Listing a house for sale is one thing, bringing the sale to a successful settlement is another.

How We Help You Sell Your Home

Basing an asking price on emotions rather than market value can be a costly mistake. Many times, people make their decisions based on how much they paid for or have invested into their home. Overpriced homes take longer to sell and eventually net the Seller less money. Our expertise will help get the best possible price for your home.

Getting Your Home Ready/Home Staging

First impressions are very important. Studies show that for every $100 in repairs that your home needs, a Buyer will discount their offer by up to $500-$1000! We will do an in-home evaluation and assess your needs. We will also make recommendations for staging and help you use your existing furniture and décor to showcase your home to put it on the market for the best price.


We will provide a professional photographer who will showcase your home so that buyers see it in its best light. We will produce marketing materials using the photos and they will be used on our website and in all online marketing.


With our new website and access to the most updated technology, we will use all of our resources to market your home on over 400 websites. In addition, we will use social media and direct mail campaigns to target and reach buyers who are looking to move into your community!

Brokers Tour

Our Church Circle office is a premier office for Coldwell Banker and has some of the top producers in the country! We invite these agents for a tour of your home as soon as it is listed so that they have first-hand knowledge of your home and can share it with their buyers.

Open Houses

While buyers use the internet for their home searches, seeing the home in person is what sells the house. We host Open Houses and invite neighbors in for a preview so that they can share the property with anyone they know that is looking to move into your community.

Contract Negotiations

We are expert negotiators with extensive experience and knowledge of Real Estate transactions. We will represent you and your home and to prospective buyers and their agents to assure you maximum profit from the sale of your house.

We Help You Know Your Rights

Real estate law is complex. We will walk you through the process so you understand all of your rights and obligations. The contract you sign when selling your home is legally binding. Small items that are neglected in a contract can wind up costing you thousands of dollars. That is why you need our extensive knowledge and experience because we understand the ins and outs of real estate transactions and we will do everything we can to make the process smooth and worry free.

There”™s just so much more we could share with you about selling your home – just give us a call or email us. After all, we have sold hundreds of homes in our combined 30+ years in Real Estate. We can provide you with names of satisfied sellers who would be happy to talk to you too!

Price Your Home To Sell

howtopriceyourhometosellTrying to price your home to sell? Not sure how much it’s worth?

You may be contemplating listing your home on the market, but you’re not sure how much its worth. You have a vague idea about a general price range, but you want a more accurate understanding.

Read some of these pointers that can help determine the right price for your home.

  • Don’t worry, you’re not going to need to determine the price of the home yourself. We are listing price experts. We will guide you through the process, helping you understand how much your home may be worth and how quickly it may sell, based on a wide and complex array of market conditions and variables.
  • We will consider factors like your home’s characteristics and market property comparables when we are determining a price.
  • We have been in the Real Estate business for 30 plus years and have overseen hundreds of transactions. Our expertise will help you determine how to price your home.

Here is more information if you’re interested in developing an understanding of some of the many factors that we consider when we”™re pricing your home.

We Will Look for Comps

Let’s take a moment to explain the concept of comparable properties, and how these relate to the unique features in your home. This is what we will weigh when determining a price for your home.

Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Imagine that you own a 3-bedroom, 2-bath single-family home built in 1990. Three neighboring single-family residences have recently sold for $280,000 to $330,000, so you presume your home value is somewhere within that range.

But that assumption might not be accurate.

Your neighbor’s homes feature different qualities than yours. One house might have 4 bedrooms, and another has only 1.5 baths. One house has a fireplace and swimming pool; another has a larger yard. One has Viking appliances. One neighbor has hardwood throughout, while another has wall-to-wall carpet. One is sold as-is.

Are you starting to see the differences?

We can’t just look at the raw sales numbers for these houses. To arrive at an accurate pricing picture, we must adjust the sales numbers based on variables such as:
Ӣ Property age
Ӣ Square footage
Ӣ Bedrooms and bathrooms
Ӣ Condition of property
Ӣ Upgrades and features

We are professionally trained in adjusting for these variables to arrive at a true comparison.

We will walk through the comps with you, and explain how we arrived at the final numbers. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised at how much your property is worth.

Understand the Trade-Offs

Finally, we will initiate a conversation about one critical question:

Do you want to sell your home for top dollar, or do you want to sell it as quickly as possible?

Some homeowners and agents jointly make a strategic decision to slightly underprice their homes, just by a small amount, to facilitate a quick sale. These are described as motivated sellers, who want to unload their home as quickly as possible. They may be moving to another state, for example, or they may need to sell their current home before they can buy another one.
However, there are many ways you can position your home for a quick sale at full price. For example, making small improvements, such as fresh paint and exterior landscaping, can be effective at creating a wow factor. Staging your home is another great way to entice buyers to make an offer.

We will work together to determine your needs and figure out how you can price your home for top dollar, without sacrificing speed.

5 Simple Home Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Home

Annapolis Luxury Property Home Improvement TipsNo one wants to spend a fortune when it comes to selling a home, but you may want to spruce up a few areas to make your property more appealing to potential buyers. When it comes to upgrades, remember to focus on simple, clean home improvements that will make your home appear more modern and elegant.

Install New Countertops

Buyers may examine a kitchen space more closely than bedrooms and bathrooms because this is usually the area where they will spend the majority of their time. Minor changes, such as replacing the countertops with a nicer material may be enough to give the space a new and fresh look. Consider using materials that are common in neighboring homes. A buyer may be less likely to purchase a home with tile countertops when the surrounding homes on the market all have granite or marble.

Replace Hardware and Fixtures

Old cabinet handles, kitchen spouts, and light fixtures can be a turn off to buyers and make the home seem outdated. Replacing these fixtures with modern hardware is a simple and affordable solution that can be done quickly. Most home improvement stores carry a variety of fixtures and hardware, and you can easily compare costs by doing some research online.

Refinishing Floors

Updating the floors of your home is another important upgrade to examine as you prepare to sell. Hardwood floors can be refinished for a reasonable price, and you may want to  shampoo any stained or worn carpets.

Update the Paint Color

A simple coat of paint can go a long way in livening up a home or a particular room. The right color can make smaller rooms appear more spacious and inviting.  A great tip to remember for paint is that neutral and light or bright colors can enhance a room and give it a clean appearance.

Install New Doors

You may overlook the appeal of new front, back, or side doors, but these features could be the first things a buyer sees when they visit a home. You may consider painting your current doors to make them stand out or replacing any doors that are outdated or need repairs.

The Value of Professional Photographs

Annapolis Luxury Properties Professional PhotographsWhen selling a property in the Annapolis area, professional real estate photos are often the key to a successful sale.

Today, the focus of real estate marketing is primarily online.  Many buyers start their property searches on the internet.  Sellers literally have seconds to make the case for their properties online.  In these few seconds, a property”™s photographs can attract or deter buyers.

MLS listings, syndicated to hundreds of websites, are seen by millions of eyes.  With this much visual information, the properties chosen for actual showings are those with professional photographs.  Many buyers skip properties without images or those with bad photos.

Photography is the most important part of the listing.  It is where the creativity of a good real estate broker becomes clear.  Managing a photo shoot requires focusing on selling points, good production and staging, as well as clear art direction.  A sloppy bed can ruin a bedroom and an overcrowded countertop can make a buyer click away from the listing, so attention to details is crucial for a successful photo shoot that will capture and help sell your home.

Buyers are also interested in the neighborhood and surrounding community, so if your neighborhood has special amenities such as a marina, beach or pool, we will have our photographer take photos of them to include in our listing and help give a prospective buyer a feel for what it”™s like to live in your home and in your community.